The Green Circle






The Green Circle

Green circle 250 x 250

Kaladonian knot 60x64 The elves live their lives in reverence of the natural world. That which they tend and care for tends and cares for them also. In this way, every event and all things are holy and life itself is divine.

from Reverence by High Druidess Syrrah of the Order of the Sacred Oak, 2920 kc

The Green Circle is the name given to a large and loose collection of beliefs that have proliferated for several millennium throughout the Northern Kingdoms. While their is no universal organization or required canon, the practitioners of the green faith are united in their belief that the world of man and the natural world are indivisible.

When the Kaladonins exiled themselves from Byblios and crossed the Alorean Sea they met the elves and several mysterious tribes of men with unknown origins scattered throughout the north. The Kaladonins were impressed with the way that these early peoples were able to live seamlessly with the natural world. Their societies left little impact upon the land and nature itself seemed to offer a generous bounty as long as the delicate balance was preserved.



The Green Circle

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