The Late Myvolin Period






Though I die today I shall drag with me to hell one who has brought the indignity of defeat upon our people.

from a letter by Behzad ibn Farzin ibn Narouoosh before assassinating Emperor Adrikavothus, 2516th Cycle of the Mysteries

Brownknot2021 Twelve years after his success at the Battle of Kamyar Emperor Adrikavothus, the last of the Royal Line of Theol, was killed in full sight of his court by a Drelorian assassin. His death ended the direct patrilineal descent that stretched back to the founding of the Myvolin Empire. Henceforth it would be a collection of generals and powerful Myvolin plutocrats who would sit the Imperial Throne. This marked the beginning of the long decline that would ultimately weaken the empire and lead to its collapse.

from The Myvolin Empire: Volume 23 by Master Sage Gamrand 4054 kc

Lucidian brothers crest The death of Emperor Adrikavothus marked the end of the classical Myvolin years and ushered in the late Myvolin period, a time marked by dramatic plots, court intrigue, internecine war and increasing decadence. The removal of the holy line of Theol from the throne destroyed both the moral imperative and the primacy of religious veneration. Those that followed sought to aggrandize their own names at the expense of the church. For many of these emperors the Temple of the Sun was used to support their rule rather than using their power and influence to support the expansion of the faith. Such was the wroth of Pelor that The Rod of Theol, that blessed instrument that allowed for the control of the mighty dragon Arakhan, would henceforth no longer allow the emperors to effect their will over the beast, and so the empire lost its most valuable weapon.

from The Late Myvolin Period Brother Lucius Aggro, 252 LE

Dreloriaknot Though a thousand and a thousand more of our people shall bleed for his actions, the name of Behzad ibn Farzin ibn Narouoosh shall live forever in the hearts of Drelorians.

Gemal ibn Jahangar, conspirator in the assassination of the emperor before his capture and execution.



The Late Myvolin Period

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