The Sovereign Wars






Brownknot2021 Since the demise of the Royal Line of Theol control of the imperial throne was no longer a birthright but rather something that could be sought out and taken by might. From the death of Adrikavothus in 3688 kc until the beginning of The Sovereign Wars in 3700 kc there were four emperors. In the following twenty years there were nearly thirty claimants, each striving to defeat, murder or subdue the others. It was a period of war and confusion that cost the empire a great deal of its wealth and curbed much of its former unity.

from The Myvolin Empire: Volume 25 by Master Sage Gamrand 4054 kc

Dreloriaknot Dogreed al’Husseini-I shall not call him Emperor!-the governor of Dreloria, marched his army of conscripts west to meet the latest pretender to the Imperial Throne in Ran Adin. Though our numbers were greater, we had no desire to die for this son of a pig, but retreat would mean the death of our families back home. Instead we marched across the wastes to a place where the Sabine River met the dry desert track. Here we found before us an army of slaves and with them the pretender. In his hands he held the Orb of Arakhan and the Rod of Theol. He meant to use the dragon to break our army, but when the dreaded creature was summoned he found that the Rod would no longer control it. Instead it laid waste to both armies with fire, tooth and claw. The field was madness and blood and the only fighting between men was in their haste to escape.

from an account by a Drelorian conscript who witnessed the calamitous summoning of Arakhan at the Battle of Vinridge

Lucidian brothers crest The Sovereign Wars was a period of twenty years that saw almost constant conflict and striving for the imperial throne by a great number of Myvolin claimants. With the line of Theol broken, there was room now for anyone of power and importance to try to seize ultimate control of the empire. It was only with the ascension of the boy Nemocasus III that order was finally restored and the vast provinces of the empire were ultimately brought to heel. Nemocasus’ reign brought order to the empire and stabilized it by claiming that the emperor himself was an aspect of Pelor, something heretical to the teachings of Theol. It was a custom that would be carried forth by following emperors to ever-greater measures, further divorcing the throne from the righteous path.

from The Sovereign Wars a lecture by Brother Rydan Geribaldy, 411 LE



The Sovereign Wars

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